Picture this | IBM Maximo

We all know the added value of using images. Displaying an image often tells you more than a thousand words. Too bad the power of images is still seldom used in IBM Maximo because images can make it instantly clear to users in technical environments what an asset or item looks like. MACS has developed [...]

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Insight | Your pm work orders

At the core of IBM Maximo is the Preventive Maintenance application. You will undoubtedly use it to generate work orders for your organization in accordance with the appropriate frequencies and seasonal dates. Oddly, though, the tool does not provide direct insights as to which work orders were created against a PM schedule. MACS has resolved [...]

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Taking the Asset Point of View

IBM Maximo is an excellent maintenance and asset management system that gives you necessary insights from many angles. Nevertheless, asset managers would not mind having a little more information from the asset point of view without having to go digging into reports. That’s just what the MACS Asset Configuration Extension (or “ACE”) does.   Many [...]

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How to get in shape | Maximo Asset Health Insights

It is just like with keeping up your personal health: Managing the health of the assets in your organization is not quite that easy. Many challenges are facing Reliability Engineers and Management involved in optimizing asset environments. It is good to know IBM Maximo now offers a beautiful add-on that comes to aid in Enterprise [...]

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Industry 4.0 calls for IBM Maximo 7.6

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. While the concept of Industry 4.0 is gaining acceptance throughout business territories, companies are struggling to implement the right solutions to support it. From our perspective, IBM Maximo 7.6 is [...]

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IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights V7.6

Maximo Asset Health Insights is a IBM SAAS solution to easily provide you with in-depth information regarding your assets health. Reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors can group their assets based on for instance type or location. Users can create a baseline for the assets' health depending on the gathered data in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management, [...]

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Framework | When you have a lot of assets

Framework | Introduction Many organizations have an ever-growing number of assets that require maintenance. It can become a struggle to retain a good overview of those assets and to identify which ones require (immediate) attention. Most companies solve this by using reports. However, reports have their limitations and usually do not cater for immediate action. An [...]

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MACS takes managing inspections to the next level

IBM Maximo provides great functionality in supporting every kind of inspection. Still, it can become quite hard to keep a good overview of the executed inspections and their findings, not to mention managing any required follow-up work in an orderly fashion. MACS now comes up with an attractive representation of your inspection functionality to tackle [...]

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MACS EU and Interserve support Cure Leukaemia

MACS EU together with one of our clients Interserve PLC has gotten together to help support a great charity Cure Leukaemia. We took part in the annual Dragon Boat racing event held at Brindley Place, Birmingham on Saturday 18th June 2016. Now in its 17th year, the Brindley Place Dragon Boat Race aims to raise [...]

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Managing purchase orders the 21st century way

The way you handle your purchase orders nowadays probably differs hugely from how it was done thirty years ago. IBM Maximo has contributed greatly to more efficient PO handling. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement to get your organisation on the next level. You don’t think so? We will show you how. Isn’t that [...]

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