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Crack the code

Interaction between your daily life and mobile applications has been intensifying over the past years. It has become really easy to request more detailed information on products you buy, for example in the supermarket. IBM Maximo keeps pace with this development and can offer you the same experience.

Yes, getting to learn more about the pork chops you have just bought is dead easy. How come? More and more supermarket chains include a QR code on the packaging. This QR code may be scanned using one of the many free apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Scanning the code will usually take you to a website that provides additional information on your food, such as the country of origin, the town it came from or even regarding the farmer who raised the animals. And it just not the food business that uses this trend: Real estate agents increasingly like to present just the highlights of the houses on leaflets and will neatly display a QR code next to those highlights to take interested buyers to the details on the website.


Practical QR code use: Scan a QR label on an asset to trigger a WO in case of failure


In this way, QR codes slowly but gradually start to be a viable alternative to the traditional bar code. QR codes offer more functionality and, thus, prevent a smarter alternative to the well-known bar codes that have been around for quite some time now.

IBM Maximo and IBM Control Desk have always been keen to adopt new developments at an early stage. This is also true for the incorporation of QR codes. It is quite simple to put QR codes to use in Maximo and ICD. It merely requires some limited configuration activities and the activation of a standard interface (a so-called REST API) to allow an external application to initiate some actions.

The possibilities for QR codes are innumerable. The options range from quickly retrieving additional information on assets, items, etcetera, to using a QR code to trigger standard actions in your Maximo/ICD, such as the creation of work order in case a failure on an asset is detected. Also, it is possible to print and display QR codes in your reports, using one of the many available plug-ins.

Do you wish the crack the code in your business and take it to the next level? Let MACS lead you the way in securing the benefits of QR codes. Get in touch with use via email or social media. We can help you in providing that grip for IBM Maximo and IBM Control Desk.

Maurice Muijsers – Lead Consultant / Project Manager

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