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Don’t get lost

You and your team increasingly perform work in parallel and have become true multitaskers. Some may say it is just the female colleagues out there, but we all multitask. Multitasking has many benefits, however it also causes some risks. To help you in reducing those risks, we can support you by bringing some colour back in your working life with IBM Maximo.

Today’s operating systems, browsers and applications will support you in running different applications at the same time. Or, equally important, to work in different environments of the same application in parallel. This comes in very handy when comparing situations: digging into issues or performing some testing.

It holds a danger, too. While the URL in your browser address field will clearly display the environment you are working, people tend to get lost when are submersed in their analyses and fact-finding. Despite all their discipline and intelligence, a single moment of distraction will be enough to carry out an activity on the test environment instead of the production environment. Or even worse: The other way around. This will lead to painful work to undo these errors and will result in embarrassing situations both internally and externally. Admit it: It has happened to all of us at some point in our careers and that’s because we are only human.

MACS provides a straightforward solution to minimise the risk of such errors being made for IBM Maximo / IBM Control Desk environments by introducing distinct colouring on the Maximo/ICD screen header. Staff will instantly see in which environment they are working in. Will it rule out such mistakes completely? No, it will not, but it will make the chances of it happening substantially smaller. This in itself makes applying the colouring a worthwhile investment.


IBM Maximo environments

Examples of coloured headers for different Maximo environments

We can’t wait to share this inspiring configuration and many other enhancements with you. How about colouring your Maximo Asset Management a little? Or do you have other IBM Maximo / IBM Control Desk issues you are struggling with? Tell us via email or social media. We may just already have solved your issue.


Maurice Muijsers – Lead Consultant / Project Manager

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