Enabling Modern Maintenance Asset Management

//Enabling Modern Maintenance Asset Management

Enabling Modern Maintenance Asset Management

While increasingly more organisations claim to apply modern style asset maintenance methods, the majority still relies on the old-fashioned way of performing their maintenance. Consequently, the opportunity to reduce costs and maximize resources across an organisation is either lost or only partially achieved. IBM Maximo is the leading tool in the market to help you in organise modern asset maintenance.


All too often our consultants at MACS see organisations struggle with the concept of asset maintenance. Maintenance does not have their focus and the repairs are not made until production comes to a standstill. This is odd; Gambling with expensive machinery and other types of assets and thus risking the revenues it delivers for your organisation, every day again.


The truth is that many organisations still follow old patterns when it comes to maintenance, while many things have changed. Typically, maintenance is performed on a pre-defined schedule that does not take into account how they are being used. As a result, many maintenance efforts are simply ineffective or only marginally improve uptime. Research also supports that many maintenance jobs occur too often.


Using data from different sources, it is now possible to end this guesswork. IoT (Internet of Things) offers a window of opportunities to set things straight. MACS believes organisations require to adopt a different mindset and look upon maintenance as an investment rather than an expense.


By moving from old-school reactive and preventive maintenance to a predictive maintenance way-of-working, organisations will reap the benefits. Predictive maintenance relies on condition-based models that combine intelligent IoT data from different sources. Evidence from academic studies shows this type of approach reduces maintenance costs significantly, while increasing uptime considerably and eliminating unnecessary breakdown by more than half.



The IoT approach allows organizations to take it even a step further, as it enables them to determine the asset’s health by leveraging inputs from multiple points including sensors, historical data, weather data, and operational logs. This all leads to a situation where the system can propose the appropriate fix.


A successful strategy in asset maintenance cannot do without EAM (Enterprise Asset Management). An EAM system serves as the backbone where everything comes together. Now, more than ever, IBM Maximois the leading EAM system to take you to the next step.

Are you interested in learning how this approach can boost your maintenance performance, lower your downtime, and lessen your worries? Reach out to us.






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