How to get in shape | Maximo Asset Health Insights

//How to get in shape | Maximo Asset Health Insights

How to get in shape | Maximo Asset Health Insights

It is just like with keeping up your personal health: Managing the health of the assets in your organization is not quite that easy. Many challenges are facing Reliability Engineers and Management involved in optimizing asset environments. It is good to know IBM Maximo now offers a beautiful add-on that comes to aid in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Maximo Asset Health Insights or MAHI, in short.


Topics that keep reliability engineers busy range from interval optimization to identifying economic outcomes and risks in the maintenance strategy and from identifying the status and condition of critical factors to minimizing unnecessary maintenance. Overall, you can rightly call this a demanding working area. Although there is lots of information and data around, it turns out to be complicated to perform adequate analyses.


To meet these challenges, IBM released Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI). The tool brings together data from different sources, including real-time sensoric information, monitoring data from (SCADA) systems, historical data, weather data, and production data. This enables users to obtain clear and well-founded insights on the health of their assets.

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Asset Health Insights presents these insights in an attractive, easy-to-understand user interface. At its basis are well-built “workscapes” that instantly show relevant data, such as asset condition, costs, and assets with excessive measures.


Asset information is shown in context and in one clear (graphical) overview and utilizes all sources of information. This allows an evaluation of weaknesses and trend analysis.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.46.45One of the top priorities of Maximo Asset Health Insights to provide instant information as to asset condition. MAHI takes care of just that. Although the tool comes with several calculations from industry experience, the tool has the flexibility and agility Maximo is known for. This means you can easily create new or modify existing calculations and formulas.

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Although not strictly necessary to get you started, MAHI leverages the rich functionality offered by IBM’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform. At the heart of MAHI is still the reliable IBM Maximo core. From MAHI analysis, your Reliability Manager will derive the decision to initiate or update job plans, PM schedules or work assignments in Maximo.

Once set up, your Reliability staff will be increasingly working from MAHI, as it brings together information in a targeted fashion. Moreover, the tool forms the bridge to an approach based on Predictive Maintenance.

IBM is continuously working on further enhancements of MAHI and adds more functionality and intelligence to the tool.

We at MACS can help you in setting up Maximo Asset Health Insights to meet the challenges in your Enterprise Asset Management setting. Are you in for some healthy exercise? Get in touch with us and we will get you going.



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