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Facilities Management

Integrated Workplace Management – incorporating Facility Management

All businesses whether large or small spend a significant part of their operational budget on the buildings and factories they operate from.

Providing facilities in the right location and of the right size and quality which enable the business to function efficiently is a challenge for all boards of directors. In order to maintain those facilities over time, to ensure that the workforce remains content, and that the facilities continue to comply with local regulations, directors are faced with the choice of managing it themselves, or outsourcing the responsibility to a specialised service provider.

Challenges for the Property Operator

The challenge for the property owner is consolidating information, often from multiple buildings in multiple national and international locations, related to the main aspects of Property and Estate Management.

These include:

  • Managing the Rental and Lease agreements – usually the responsibility of the Finance department
  • Space Planning to ensure that employees have a place to work, and that changes to space requirements are planned and managed efficiently – usually the responsibility of the HR department
  • Facility Management which ensures that the facilities are in a good state of repair, complying with Health and Safety regulations and operating efficiently from an energy conservation perspective – usually the responsibility of the Engineering or internal or outsourced Facilities department.

In many instances these different departments have conflicting views of the property estate, using inconsistent and out of date information with which to manage their own areas of responsibility.

The concept of an Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS) have evolved in order to bring together all data and processes related to people, locations/space, finance and cost into a single system, providing a single accurate consolidated view of all past, current and future facility related activity.

Challenges for the Facility Service Provider

The challenge for the Facility Management Service Provider are:

  • Manage their customers’ assets in accordance with regulations.
  • Ensure that they are available for use when required.
  • Verify responses are made within the agreed Service Levels.

They need to achieve this on multiple contracts, but at the same time have a view of individual contract cost and profitability, customer satisfaction and labour utilisation.

To facilitate this they will need systems which can provide:

  • Help Desk services,
  • Preventive Maintenance,
  • Work Order Management,
  • Scheduling,
  • Project Management, and
  • Time Recording.

In addition to the above the Facility Service Provider will need to  deliver these systems to end users through a range of desktop and mobile devices.

Solutions and Support available from MACS for the Property Owner

Tririga is one of the leading IWMS systems available. It brings together in a single system and technology all Location and People data related to the property estate and provides fully integrated functionality covering:
•    Help Desk,
•    Facility Management,
•    Space Planning,
•    Contract and Lease Management,
•    Project Management,
•    Energy and Carbon Management.

MACS work in conjunction with the system owners (IBM) to provide consultancy and implementation expertise, in delivering an integrated Tririga solution to manage all of your IWMS requirements.

Solutions and Support available from MACS for Facility Management

Maximo for Service Providers is an established solution within the Facility management industry. It provides a robust set of modules which manages the whole service delivery lifecycle including:

•    Comprehensive Asset and Location register,
•    Help Desk,
•    Preventive Maintenance,
•    Planned and unplanned work,
•    Work Scheduling,
•    Service Level management,
•    Activity based price and cost calculations, and
•    Smart phone and tablet based mobile solutions.

MACS have over 17 years of experience in delivering Maximo solutions to customers across Great Britain and Europe.