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Asset Management in Life Sciences and Healthcare

The Pharmaceutical Industry is a global industry with many large multi-national companies responsible for producing the drugs and medicines that are used by the general public. These companies spend large amounts of money developing new drugs, manufacture on a global basis and look to standardise their development and manufacturing processes.

Healthcare is delivered locally by both private and state run enterprises, which have to ensure that the sophisticated equipment they use for diagnosis, testing and analysis is maintained and working properly. A common theme across the whole Life Sciences and Healthcare marketplace is the tight national and international regulations that apply to the management of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Life Science Industry Challenges

Life Sciences manufacturing process are tightly regulated by a number of national and international regulatory bodies – most notably the FDA from N America, but also similar agencies from Europe and elsewhere. Companies operating in this area align their operating processes to conform to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and that includes associated asset management and maintenance processes. In addition regulations demand that maintenance and instrument calibration records are retained for a period of 10 years, and there are specifications related to computer systems which apply if those records are to be maintained electronically.

Asset Management in this tightly regulated environment needs to be well documented and controlled. Similarly, it is important that the computer systems in place, support asset management processes, need to go through robust testing and validation procedures when initially installed and when going through periodic upgrades.

Solutions and Support available from MACS

MACS have years of experience in providing asset management solutions for both manufacturing companies and service providers within the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries.

Maximo is recognised by Gartner as the leading Enterprise Asset Management Solution. MACS has been implementing Maximo for over 17 years.

Maximo provides functionality to support
•    Asset Register
•    Preventive Maintenance
•    Work Order Management
•    Inventory Control
•    Procurement
•    Service and Contract Management

Maximo is recognised by the FDA as being CFR 21 part 11 compliant, which means it can be used for storing electronic maintenance and calibration records for periods exceeding ten years. In addition to standard functionality Maximo for Life Sciences includes Maximo for Calibration, and testing and validation scripts that can be used when implementing and upgrading Maximo.

Maximo for Calibration has been specifically written to support the calibration of instruments used within the manufacturing and testing processes within the Life Sciences industries.

Scheduling maintenance work is a big challenge and Maximo Scheduler is capable of supporting the optimisation of many of the common manufacturing and field based scheduling scenarios that occur in the industry.

For manufacturing routine work needs to be fitted in with the plant production schedule and the maintenance shift patterns. Both major and minor reconfigurations of plant require project planning capabilities that minimise the time taken to perform the overhaul. For service companies the challenge is the scheduling of maintenance technicians across a wide geographical area.

Maximo Mobile solutions serve to improve the productivity and accuracy of data within both the manufacturing and field service maintenance arenas. Working in both connected and disconnected mode these solutions enable maintenance technicians to readily see what activity needs doing, to update and complete work, and to raise new work orders where required.

MACS in the UK has brought whitepaper out on; How a centralised IBM Maximo Asset Management System can support in facing the Life Sciences Industry challenges and in gaining a competitive edge.

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MACS Customers in Life Sciences include –

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Baxter Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Mentor, Tiopharma
  • Service Management – Sealed Air
  • Hospitals and Healthcare – NHS Highlands; Radboud UMC; Maastricht UMC