Insight | Your pm work orders

//Insight | Your pm work orders

Insight | Your pm work orders

At the core of IBM Maximo is the Preventive Maintenance application. You will undoubtedly use it to generate work orders for your organization in accordance with the appropriate frequencies and seasonal dates. Oddly, though, the tool does not provide direct insights as to which work orders were created against a PM schedule. MACS has resolved this gap by creating the PM Configuration Extension (or “PMCE”).


Staff involved in developing and managing maintenance schedules will sometimes be at a loss in standard Maximo, as it offers no direct view on the work orders that were generated from a maintenance schedule. True, you can build a BIRT report or process the information in a BI environment such as IBM Cognos.


However, this is not directly helpful to your colleagues working out there with Maximo in their daily job. They will benefit from having the information directly at their disposal without having to resort to reports or other applications.


Keeping your maintenance staff needs in mind, MACS created a PM Configuration Extension to provide your users with just the information they need in their daily job.


The extension presents all the work orders that at one time been generated against the selected PM schedule Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 22.23.43


At the blink of an eye, your maintenance staff will see the work orders that were executed in the past as well as those that are being worked on and those that have been scheduled. Of course, users can directly jump to a work order if they want to know the details. The PM Configuration Extension comes with several default columns that can be adjusted to the requirements in your context.


MACS has realized this extension without customization or programming. The PMCE relies on a few well-devised relationships that are release-independent and, therefore, futureproof. The PM Configuration Extension is the ideal companion to the Asset Configuration Extension, which provides valuable information in the Assets application and which has also been recently released by MACS.


Give your maintenance staff the tools it needs to make more well-informed decisions. Have MACS install the PM Configuration Extension. Your IBM Maximo problem is our challenge.


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