MACS takes managing inspections to the next level

//MACS takes managing inspections to the next level

MACS takes managing inspections to the next level

IBM Maximo provides great functionality in supporting every kind of inspection. Still, it can become quite hard to keep a good overview of the executed inspections and their findings, not to mention managing any required follow-up work in an orderly fashion. MACS now comes up with an attractive representation of your inspection functionality to tackle the disorder once and for all. The InspectorPlus add-on configuration will help in organising your inspections efficiently and effectively.

What is the InspectorPlus add-on configuration? Based on standardised IBM Maximo technology, MACS has developed two additional tabs in the Work Order Tracking application that will provide your team with the insights and functionality they need.

The “Inspections” tab will show the user all the assets that are to be inspected on the left side. On the right side, they will find at one glance all the inspection tasks they have to perform for this asset. For each of the assets, the user you can indicate if they either performed or had to skip inspecting the Asset. For the various inspection tasks for each of the assets, the user can fill out their assessment, e.g. OK, Monitor, Repair or Urgent Repair and fill out their remarks. Default buttons are present to quickly capture both materials used and materials required.

The inspection tasks may differ per Asset Type, since the logic is based on the out-of-the-box classification structure, which allows you to set up just those tasks that you need on a certain type.

Any inspection tasks on which anomalies were reported, are logically grouped together in a separate “Failed Inspections” tab.

MACS Screenshot

All findings may be accessed through the same view. More importantly, the configuration provides instant access to the material that is required to perform any follow-up work by clicking the appropriate button or icon.

MACS screenshotThe add-on configuration enables the user to trigger a follow-up work order straight away (via a button and icon). The configuration also covers situations where a decision is made not to perform any follow-up work and the reason for this decision.

MACS screenshot

For each of the failed inspections, it will be instantly clear whether a follow-up work order was created or a decision was made not to follow up the result. Inspection entries that still require action are shown in black font while completed entries are shown in green.

MACS screenshot

MACS Screenshot

This configuration saves MACS customers a great deal of time and gives much more direct insight as to the status of their inspections and related follow-ups.

The InspectorPlus add-on configuration can be added to any common Maximo release, does not affect your existing Maximo set-up, and does not involve any programming. Also, it is easy to adopt the InspectorPlus default set-up to the specific requirements of your organisation.

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