//Managing purchase orders the 21st century way

Managing purchase orders the 21st century way

The way you handle your purchase orders nowadays probably differs hugely from how it was done thirty years ago. IBM Maximo has contributed greatly to more efficient PO handling. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement to get your organisation on the next level. You don’t think so? We will show you how.

Isn’t that weird? The average company shares its approved purchase orders in the following way: When the PO is approved, the responsible employee will generate the purchase order report, save the pdf and attach this file to an email that is created manually. Next, the email is attached to the PO for reference purposes.

While this may have worked in the 20th century, we at MACS feel this process is just begging for some simplification and more automation. IBM Maximo provides us with the tools and means to tackle this.

From our perspective, the entire process can be dealt with from within the Purchase Orders application. To generate the approved order, we will add a new icon to the application.

icon purchase order ibm maximo

Icon purchase order ibm Maximo

This icon will trigger a communication dialog to prepare the mail communication towards the supplier.


The “To” field may be filled automatically by deriving it from a standard mail address on the Companies application. Alternatively, we can present a list of contact persons (and their mail addresses) for that supplier. Either way, there is no more hassling around in your mail client.

Also, the email can be pre-formatted using a specific communication template. In this way, it includes all the right parameters that are necessary to adequately address and inform your supplier contacts, e.g. salutation, purchase order number, buyer name, dates, signature or anything what comes to mind.



After pressing the send button on this dialog, IBM Maximo will not only generate and send the email including the purchase order itself, it will also insert the email into the communication log and in the attachments section of Maximo, thus providing you with a complete and seamless history of actions.

Of course, it is up to your team who will be entitled to perform the actions. This can be achieved by using Maximo’s authorization set-up in the Security Groups application.

Obtaining the luxury of an automated purchase order process is achieved using a combination of some configuration changes and an automation script. The described functionality has been successfully deployed at a number of clients enhancing the standard Maximo purchase order and work management processes. It can also be modified to support any process variations required by your industry sector.

Are you ready to automate your purchase orders processes to the 21st century standards? Or do you have other IBM Maximo challenges that you cannot overcome? Do not hesitate and contact us by phone, email or social media.


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