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IBM Tririga is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solution for Real Estate, projects, facilities and space management, operations and energy & environment interconnects within a single software solution. Tririga is modular so you can use the features as you need within your organisation.

The underlying platform, the user-friendly interface, powerful reporting and integration capabilities are always in settlement and allow you to grow into the solution with you.

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Financial executives put more and more emphasis on the strategic value of real estate assets. The Real Estate Portfolio represents a major item on the balance sheet, but can also be used to improve the financial performance of an organization by opening new branches, buy / discarding of buildings or optimize the use of space. With Tririga Real Estate Management financial executives faster and more informed decisions in the field of Real Estate portfolio planning, real estate transactions and lease accounting.


Features of Tririga Real Estate Management

Real Estate portfolio management:

  • Real Estate master database
  • Site selection analysis
  • Capacity Forecasting and scenario planning

Transaction management:

  • Acquisition and disposal of property
  • Rent, lease, sub-lease, leasing, subleasing of buildings and space
  • Rental and leasing of assets
  • Financial and qualitative KPIs (key performance indicators)

Contract and Lease administration

  • Contract administration of property and leases
  • Tenants Administration
  • Processing payment administration
  • Monitoring and alerts and critical data

Strategic facility planning

  • Supply and demand analysis of real estate / space
  • Space planning scenarios
  • Vertical space planning

Standard Roles, dashboards and performance indicators

Tririga provides an integrated planning module to improve the quality of investment, facility and environmental projects. You can create budget analyzes with the module of your programs, project risk analysis and management, balancing costs and benefits and apply project management to all your real estate projects.


Features of IBM Tririga Projects

  • Program and project portfolio management
    • Project planning and task management
    • Risk management
    • Quality management
    • Budget and scope monitoring
    • Analysis of financing
  • Service Level Management
  • Tendering and procurement processes
  • Invoicing, cost and contract management
  • Contract management processes and control functions including project management, reminders and alarms
  • Standard Roles and dashboards
The typical workplace of many employees in recent years has changed dramatically. Traditional workplaces are increasingly being replaced by the new work by telecommuting or flexible workplaces. Tririga provides the means to integrate facility management processes in order to increase the effectiveness of the staff, to increase the occupancy of the premises and take advantage of the new works.


Features of IBM Tririga Facilities:

  • Modeling and analysis of facility planning scenarios at the strategic, tactical and operational level
    • Space management
    • Floor Planning
    • Relocation Planning and Projects
    • Stains planning and tax
  • Realization of employee self-service portal with automated service management processes and functions
    • Service Request
    • Maintenance Requests
    • Space and / or removal requests
    • Asset Request
    • Project Request
    • Asset Request
    • Service Level Management
    • Booking Management for workstations, meeting rooms, assets, vehicles, etc.
  • Service Level KPIs and dashboards
Maintenance and operations management are important functions within organizations. The efficient use of energy, lower operating costs and excellent service to provide is key.

Tririga supports all operational and maintenance tasks, such as occur in a real estate environment throughout the life cycle: preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, performing tasks such as cleaning, catering, removals or inspections and project-based activities such as renovations, new construction or remodeling.

Features of IBM Tririga Maintenance:

  • Self-service and service desk processes for curative maintenance
    • Self-Service Portal
    • Products and services catalog
    • Service Level Management
  • Preventive maintenance planning and execution
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Stock
  • Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders
  • Cost
  • Facility projects
  • Service level and operational KPIs and dashboards


Over 20% of the running costs of buildings comes from energy consumption. Tririga provides energy and environmental analysis and management. This information forms the basis for the measurement of energy consumption and the determination of the overall performance in the environment field. Tririga also helps you identify and evaluate opportunities to save energy. The selected features are converted into measurable projects executable tasks and optimized space planning.


Features of IBM Tririga Environment and Energy Management:

  • Energy / Waste / Environment logs
  • Integrating NUTS usage and billing information
  • Real-time energy and environmental analysis
    • Standard connectors for BMS systems and sensors
  • Opportunity analysis and budgetary support green initiatives
  • CO2 footprint calculations
  • Energy and Environment KPIs and dashboards