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Service Desk Life Made Easy

As a rule your people tend to be occupied too much with the smaller issues in business life. Lots of things make up these smaller issues. Your Service Desk team, for example, may still be faced with unlocking people’s accounts many times a day. To free up time for other important items, we have devised a solution to unburden them.

Mondays, most prominently those after the holidays, are usually the days where people report in to the service desk to have their accounts unlocked. A waste of time for both your Service Desk and the people calling, as far as we are concerned. Because MACS has come up with a solution that offers a one hundred percent safe approach for IBM Maximo and IBM Control Desk to unlock the blocked accounts and to provide them with a fresh password automatically.

This is a sure thing to reduce calls and mails to your Service Desk team. The solution is a great relief for those organizations that, for a number of different, valid reasons, choose not to use an LDAP integration with their IBM Maximo or IBM Control Desk installation. We are also proud to reveal that this future-proof and upgrade resistant solution was accomplished using just a small, solid automation script to trigger a new, random password for your Maximo/ICD user.

How does it work, then? An (escalation) check is run on those user accounts that have been marked by the system as ‘blocked’. For those accounts, the script for resetting the password kicks in. Of course, the blocked accounts are also set to active to enable new log-in attempts. Users are provided with an automated email informing them of the situation and their new password. Needless to say, the contents of these mails may be tuned to your specific needs.

service desk unlocking accounts ibm control desk

Illustration service desk: Example of a password reset mail template for unlocking accounts

This is just one of the examples how our solutions can make your working life easier. Why not have a chat to discuss what we can do for you? Unlock yourself, talk to us.

Or perhaps you have other IBM Maximo / IBM Control Desk challenges you are struggling. Tell us via email or social media. We may just already have solved your issue.

Maurice Muijsers – Lead Consultant / Project Manager

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