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IBM Maximo Training

When working with a software system training of managers and end users, it is an essential part of understanding how the software can work for you within your environment. With training, you are able to ensure your employees become familiar with the application, which promotes confidence in using the system resulting in accuracy and higher productivity.

Our training on IBM Maximo is provided by expert consultants, that work “pragmatically” with IBM Maximo software solutions. When we provide training, we understand your business processes and how your organisation is using the system which enables us to provide training material that is aligned with your company and our delivery of first class relevant training to meet the needs of your business.

MACS applies the train-the-trainer principle. This principle allows us to teach the delegates on exactly what the software solution needs to do for their role within their environment.

MACS provides a list of applications which you can choose from and then designs a Training program to suit your needs. This principle allows us to teach the delegates on the relevant modules within the IBM Maximo software solution, which allows them to gain the experience to use the system with confidence back in their workplace.

MACS provides Training certificates for all their delegates.

MACS has its own training centres in Son en Breugel, Nederland and Uxbridge, London. Each student will be fitted with a training PC, that includes exercises that are suitable for their role. MACS can also provide on-site training if this is more suitable for the company and its students.

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Catalogue of MACS Training

  • Master data (persons/ companies/ Item master)
  • Master data (Locations)
  • Master data (Assets)
  • Inventory Control Storerooms
  • Inventory Control (set up, data, reorder, all transactions and counting)
  • Inventory (version 7.5 options chain supply)
  • Inventory (using condition codes)
  • Purchasing (Requisitions)
  • Purchasing (Orders)
  • Purchasing (Request for Quotation)
  • Purchasing (Receiving)
  • Purchasing (Invoices)
  • Purchasing (Invoices) Cost invoices / multiple purchase orders / credit invoices for multiple purchase orders)
  • Contracts
  • Contracts (integrated use of contract )
o General Introduction / Navigation
o Job Plans
o Routes
o Safety Plans
o Preventive Maintenance
o Preventive Maintenance (multiple jobplans / meter based and hierarchy)
o Preventive Maintenance (Condition monitoring)
o Work Management (Service Requests)
o Work Management (Work Orders)
o Work Management (Quick Reporting)
o Work Management (Assignment Mgr)
o Resources (crafts/labor/qualifications)
o Resources (external labor)
o Maximo & Visual Planbord
o Maximo Service Provider
o System Administration Training
o Security set-up / profiles
o Query Based Reporting
o Workshop Full integration with Preventive Maintenance, Jobplans, Routes, Contracts (call off), Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Receipts and Invoicing, Assets and Locations
o What’s new in Maximo 7.5 versus &.7.1
o What’s new in Maximo 7.6 versus &.7.5