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MACS provides various types of implementation services. These services are designed to let you work with our software solutions as carefree as possible. If you want to start with IBM Maximo Asset Management, MACS has the QuickStart method. This allows you to implement the software including various modules of IBM Maximo via a standardised (best practice) methodology, the MACS QuickStart. This QuickStart provides a basic implementation for a fixed price. The QuickStart installation consists of 2 environments in an implementation of the MACS best practices- data load and training. The QuickStart ensures you will receive a defined solution that allows you to start within a specified time, gaining insight into your assets.

In addition to the MACS QuickStart, MACS also offers the MACS practical method. This method is ideal for those organisations that would like to implement IBM Maximo Asset Management across multiple sites.

In addition, MACS also provides implementations around upgrades. MACS has extensive experience with various versions of IBM Maximo. To upgrade, your company can consult MACS consultant how an upgrade can take place without too much impact on the daily activities that you perform with your current version.

The MACS’ consultants have all required certificates that a business partner needs to achieve by IBM. Therefore, MACS has been awarded the Tivoli Gold Status as an IBM Maximo implementation partner.