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IWMS| Smarter Buildings

Today it is becoming increasingly important to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase service levels. In the field of Real estate and Facilities there is an on-going tendency to bring together different disciplines. As a result, information can be shared and reused much easier.

A great example is the real estate database linked to the rental and ownership obligations. This information will then be linked to use for the buildings and spaces. All including qualitative characteristics such as capacity utilisation, energy consumption and the condition index gaining a greater insight and control and providing a boost to all aspects of Real Estate Management.

  • How do you ensure that buildings are managed effectively?
  • How complete is the total list of obligations?
  • Would a smarter lighting plan yield more savings than its implementation?

The key to these questions is integration. By integrating the different real estate and facilities systems and processes, organisations will achieve the best results in terms of efficiency, cost and service.
A Facility Management Information System (FMIS) can support this. IBM offers IBM Tririga a complete Real Estate and Facility Management solution. With Tririga you support for the realization of strategic, tactical and operational goals in finance, efficiency and the environment. The basis for this is the integration of information in a single system.