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Support and Helpdesk Solution

A Support or Helpdesk is a place or person where questions can be asked, failures can be reported and/or advice can be obtained about a particular product or service.

The helpdesk can be used in different ways. You can think of a helpdesk providing information where consumers can obtain information about items of products. In addition to the (Internet) helpdesk, here you can look for logged faults, monitored and managed.

The software for helpdesk and support organisations creates a focal point in the organisation that registers questions, issues and where possible solutions.

The helpdesk usually can be accessed through phone, email or via a webpage. If you buy a helpdesk solution, the software should actively support all these approaches.

A specific methodology has been developed for helpdesks that operate in the Information Technology: Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) The method specifically describes how a helpdesk should be managed. ITIL incidents are reported to the service desk, which acts as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC). Actions are initiated and resolved in the organisation. Feedback to the internal customer happens again via the SPOC.