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SaaS Maximo | Asset Management In The MACS Cloud

SaaS Maximo - In the past, selecting an Asset Maintenance Management tool marked the beginning of both a cumbersome implementation project and stressful application management. MACS now puts an end to the stress by offering a complete and carefree solution: MACS SaaS for IBM Maximo. The only thing left for you to decide is [...]

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Malt Producer live with second site on IBM Maximo 7.6

MACS are pleased to announce that the second largest Malt producer in Europe and fifth largest globally, went live with IBM Maximo 7.6 Asset Management at one of their site locations in the United Kingdom. Earlier in 2016 the malt producer and MACS had already successfully rolled out IBM Maximo in Ireland which has enabled [...]

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Managing purchase orders the 21st century way

The way you handle your purchase orders nowadays probably differs hugely from how it was done thirty years ago. IBM Maximo has contributed greatly to more efficient PO handling. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement to get your organisation on the next level. You don’t think so? We will show you how. Isn’t that [...]

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