Taking the Asset Point of View

//Taking the Asset Point of View

Taking the Asset Point of View

IBM Maximo is an excellent maintenance and asset management system that gives you necessary insights from many angles. Nevertheless, asset managers would not mind having a little more information from the asset point of view without having to go digging into reports. That’s just what the MACS Asset Configuration Extension (or “ACE”) does.


Many information in IBM Maximo is provided by the work order management side of the business. Typically, your asset management staff, too, would like to know what has been going on with the assets they are responsible for. Too often, that means creating reports or analysing information from different sources.


Keeping the asset managers’ needs in mind, MACS decided to come up with an Asset Configuration Extension to provide your users with just the information they need in their daily work.


What does the extension do? Well, firstly, it presents all the work orders (and service requests) that have been completed or are outstanding for the selected asset on a separate tab.

MACS Asset Configuration Extension

At one glance, your asset manager will be able to see which work has been carried out and has been scheduled for future execution. To make life even easier, the extension splits up the type of work orders into preventive records, emergency records and inspection records. And if you like, we can present other cross-sections too.

Secondly, the extension provides all transaction related information pertaining to the selected asset. As an asset manager you will be particularly keen to know how much hours and materials (and tools and services, if applicable) were booked against an asset.

The extension gives you that information in an easy-to-use interface. And, of course, the information can be downloaded to Excel for further processing, if needed.

Interface MACS Asset Configuration Extension

MACS has realized this extension without having to resort to customizing like many consultancy firms. The extension uses but a few well-thought-through relationships and a solid presentation layer. This makes the extension futureproof for Maximo releases to come.


It is also good to know that the extension can still be tuned to your context. This is the flexibility modern businesses need. Would you like to make your asset managers more capable of doing their job properly? Why don’t you get in touch with us and we will get it sorted? Your IBM Maximo problem is our challenge.


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