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Try now IBM Maximo Anywhere

MACS are now offering as a quick start the IBM® Maximo® Anywhere Mobility PoC. The PoC is designed to help enterprise customers evaluate, in a lab environment, the IBM Maximo Asset Management solution with mobility. It also includes a  Free 30 day IBM Maximo Anywhere evaluation license.

Maximo Anywhere Mobility PoC is between a 10 – 20 day engagement with a set scope and time limits. The PoC has been developed to provide customers with real-world hands-on experience to develop a vision and scope for an IBM Maximo mobility enterprise deployment.


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  • The capture of critical data at point of execution
  • Creation of assets at point of identification
  • Dynamic relocation of asset to correct position
  • Self-reporting of issue or asset failure
  • Asset data enrichment during planned maintenance activities
  • Dynamically attach pictures of the current situation
  • Capture customer signature on work completion
  • Manage inventory operations whilst roaming
  • Identification using bar-coding of RFID

What are the benefits?

  • Standard out of the box PoC installed, followed by a free 30 days IBM Maximo Anywhere evaluation license
  • Eligibility to extra discount on mobile licenses during first 6 months after PoC
  • Enabling the mobile strategy by helping to develop a vision and scope for an IBM Maximo mobility PoC deployment
  • Helping your mobile workforce to adopt and embrace the mobile technology, enabling faster performance and eliminating lag time
  • Boost agility with real-time, anywhere access leverages existing Maximo infrastructure and skills resulting in fast ROI
  • Embrace device choice and anywhere access and future proof mobility using native code base for iOS, Android, Windows
  • Mitigate risk through the use of proven deployment best practices.